About Us

To distinguish itself, today, in the productive panorama of the field of the stuffed furniture, represents one true and own bet. Bruma Salotti, strong in its team management, in the research and the development of innovative techniques of transformation of the raw materials, has imposed new styles of undiscussed design on the market. The company is located in the industrial zone of altamura(ba),which is a part of world-wide importance for the sofas production. The offices and the showroom are adjacent to the main building of production and transformation of the raw materials. Between these there is the progetation room. Center of strategic importance, the progetation room is constantly enriched with information on the tendencies for interiors and with market researches on the new materials and the various chromatic combinations. All the projects of the designer take body here and they are completed with the industrialization of the model to test, according to esthetic, quality, acclimatization, safety and comfort parameters. We are ready to become integrating.


The Mission of the company has surely contributied to the success of the sales of Bruma Sofas. The service, the efficiency, the research of the maximum confort, the choice to use the best quality materials, the research of the right equilibrium between price and demand - are the main cause of all the projects for the industrialization of the sofas, the elementary principle for the maximum satisfaction of the customer and they represent the departure point in order to construct a stable and faithful relationship with the consumers.


Every sofa of Bruma collection - classic, modern, contemporary, colonial, in tissue or leather has an inner mission "to make reference to and it has to rispond efficently to the - perceived quality / use value binomio. When we are sure that the value in use of a product of the Bruma collection is in average higher than the expected value, then we declare satisfaid and ready to collect a new challenge of the market. This is the mission of bruma sofas - company intrested in the maximum satisfaction of the consumer to which we let the main role in the determination of the processes of transformation and sale of our models.


Contemporary - Classics - Design - Beds - Armchaire - Pouff - Modern - Trasformable


Introduced to you in structure in leather, tissue, tissue/leather, all the models of the Bruma's collection are always photographed in the versions: two seats,three seats and where the version exists, in angular composition and reclyner. All the samples of leather and the various fabrics are collected in comfortable exhibitors that help seeing the wished and imagined effect for oneself furniture. The retailers of the Bruma brand, distributed in the various regions of italy are equiped with instruments that offer an efficent arrange for the viewing of the products in order for one to choose without having any doubts the right version.